Mykonos Vegan Läder Rose Guld / Svart / Tan

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In 2023, we at Hurtig Lane dedicated ourselves to several charitable causes, affirming our commitment to the community, animal welfare, and the environment. We supported 'A Helping Hand', focusing on families in need, particularly through their Christmas Gift Campaign for children. Our initiatives also included the Local Cat Feeding Program and aiding FESBAL, the Spanish Food Bank, underscoring our dedication to both animal care and food security. Moreover, our collaboration with the Bee Conservation Trust demonstrated our commitment to environmental sustainability. For more details on these initiatives, please read more here



Mykonos-serien är utformad för den modemedvetna minimalistiska. Elegant och sofistikerad men ändå mycket fashionabla det kan bäras i alla miljöer, med någon outfit. Dess mångsidighet och stil gör det till den perfekta klockan för alla tillfällen.


FALL DIAMETER  40mm (40 mm)
Rörelse Kvarts
Kaliber Miyota (på andra sätt)
REM MATERIAL Vegan läder
Vattentät 3ATM (3ATM)



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Ethical & Kind

Here at Hurtig Lane we believe that in order to be truly ethical, not only should all of our materials be vegan but the entire process from production to packaging should be as kind as possible. We are really proud of our relationship with our manufactures they are female led, with excellent working conditions, salary and fair opportunities.

We are a close team and they manufacture all of our watch dials. Hurtig Lane is passionate about sustainability, our watch straps are Vegan and made from recycled materials and our packaging is made from recycled cardboard. Everything in our store is cruelty free, sustainable and vegan.

Make your next purchase Kind & Ethical with Hurtig Lane. 

Why Choose Hurtig Lane?

Beautiful sustainable packaging

All of our products of lovingly packaged using recycled, vegan-friendly materials. We encourage all customers to reuse or recycle packaging after use.

Gift Kind and give back!

By choosing Hurtig Lane you are helping us to support these causes. All purchases include a thank you card detailing how you have helped contribute to these initiatives.

Everything in our store is Vegan

All of our products are free from animal testing, materials and we promise to be cruelty free. We love our planet too, so we will always try to find sustainable and recycled materials.